Technical Videos

How to check and repair brake disc lateral runout

This video guide by Ferodo shows you how to check brake discs for the symptoms of lateral runout. It also looks at repairing discs with lateral runout, as well as other helpful tips and advice.



Why do BERU glow plugs have a black tip?

This video explains why all BERU glow plugs are sold with a characteristic black tip. Don't worry - it is the result of our rigorous testing!



How to Correctly Install Ball Joints

Learn how to correctly install ball joints with this instructional video:

  • How to install a ball joint.
  • What to avoid when installing a ball joint.



How to Correctly Install a Camshaft

If you want to avoid early wear and breakage of a new camshaft, learn how to install it correctly here, with this instructional video.

  • The importance of investigating possible causes of camshaft failure.
  • How to check wear of the camshaft bearings.
  • Correct installation of a camshaft.
  • Important things to remember after installing a new camshaft.




How to Check and Replace Brake Fluid

Keeping brake fluid healthy is fundamental to braking performance. Learn what to look out for and how to replace a car's brake fluid with this instructional video.

  • The link between fluid level and brake pad wear.
  • How to replace brake fluid.



A Guide to Coated Brake Discs 

Care must be taken when installing coated brake discs.
Watch this video to learn about the precautions and steps you must take when installing coated discs from Ferodo or Jurid.